The initial motivation to create Whitebook was plain & simple:

none of the existing notebooks met all our needs, since they did not keep up with today’s style of work. This is why we've developed the Whitebook system.

Whitebook had to be elegant and helpful and a perfect fit to an ever-changing world full of personal challenges and opportunities.

  • project-oriented workstyles
  • refillable content
  • different styles of paper
  • all pages detachable
  • pockets for cards
  • with pen holder
  • fitting for iPad / Kindle
  • attractive and elegant
  • flexible and modular
  • With all this (and much more) in mind, we developed Whitebook and showed them around.

    The feedback was encouraging and made clear: we were on the right track and not alone with our desire for a tailored notebook

    WHITEBOOK - Tailored Notebooks™

    It’s the first and only tailored notebook system made to measure for all our needs.
    And probably yours too!

    © 2010 All rights reserved / pat. pending / designed and produced in Switzerland

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